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Why need passport required ?

Passport is not just booklet it is a legal document which is identity in that booklet Holder's Name, Birth Place,Birth date,passport issue and passport expiry and Photograph and signature are mansioned on it.

For traveling out side of youe country and entering diffrent country and territory you need a passport.

And passport is issued by the Government of the country.

Types of Passport in India

Types of Passport & It’s Purpose

  1. Regular (Normal) Passport – This passport is generally given to Indian citizen for oversea travel for leisure or business purpose. It is navy blue in color.
  2. Diplomatic Passport – A passport that is issued to Indian diplomats and government officials of high post. It is maroon in color.
  3. Official Passport – A passport that is exclusively issued to Indian officials, who represent the Indian government. It is white in color.

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